Readers around the world

It’s nice to see the counter for this blog go beyond the 5000 visitor mark (since May 2005, ranging from about 50-70 per day recently). My main website is approaching 60,000 since June 2003 (ranging from about 70-100 per day these days). It is even more rewarding to see the range of readers from across the world. In the past few days, for instance, there were visitors from: Indonesia, Philippines, Australia, Japan, China, Iran, Israel, Turkey, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom, and, of course, a good number of readers from United States and good ol’ Canada (“I am Canadian!”). One of the most rewarding things about a blog and a website is that you can share what you’re learning with people around the world with whom you would not otherwise have any contact! This really makes it all seem worthwhile. Thanks for coming!

UPDATE (Dec 2005): As I have switched to WordPress, I have lost that good ol’ detailed counter. Oh well