Packard Humanities Institute Greek inscriptions online (Epigraphy 6)

As noted on Stoa, there are clear signs that the PHI Greek inscriptions (that were previously only available to researchers on CD-ROM) are going to be fully available online soon. They are still arranged by region. This will be great (if you like inscriptions, that is, which you should).

UPDATE (July 27, 2008):  The PHI website is fully functional and working well these days, but at a new address:

Thank goodness for the availability of all of these Greek inscriptions online.  It has made my life (in writing a book right now) much easier.  Thanks to Fritz Graf for noticing that I had an old dead link here.

2 thoughts on “Packard Humanities Institute Greek inscriptions online (Epigraphy 6)

  1. Fritz Graf

    Dear Phil,

    just to be precise: the beta version has been on the web for a while and works great. There are the usual epigraphical intros, some however rather short and being overhauled, others long enough to give you an idea of the text. The only drawback, this being beta: there is only the Greek search function, if you are looking for single words, but you can of course browse an entire corpus. The site:
    You need Java in order to get a search started.

    Fritz Graf, Director of Epigraphy, Center for Epigraphical Studies, OSU

  2. Phil Harland Post author

    Dear Fritz Graf,

    Thanks so much for your comment here. I had made this post quite some time ago, and should update it or make a new one. I’ve been making very good use of the PHI site, especially as I’m in the midst of writing a book that deals with the inscriptions.

    All the best.

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