Podcast 1.6: Paul and the followers of Jesus at Corinth, part 3

This episode concludes the discussion of followers of Jesus at Corinth with a focus on Paul’s response to the situation (in 1 Corinthians). Here we see Paul’s education in Greco-Roman methods of rhetoric or argumentation. Paul’s arguments for unity and against divisions provide a clear example of deliberative rhetoric, comparable to political speeches by the likes of Dio Chrysostom. The use of the body metaphor in chapter 12 further confirms Paul’s employment of civic discourse (approx. 20 minutes). This episode is part of series one (“Paul and his Communities”) of the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean podcast.

Podcast 1.6: Paul and the followers of Jesus at Corinth, part 3 (mp3; archive.org page with various downloading options here).

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 1.6: Paul and the followers of Jesus at Corinth, part 3

  1. Jeremy

    I’m enjoying the podcast series. Some of this I’ve studied, but it’s always nice to learn a few additional tidbits. By the way, podcast 1.4 isn’t functioning properly (just to let you know).

    What music is in podcasts 1.1-1.3? I would be interested to know.

  2. Phil H.

    Hello Jeremy,

    I’m glad you find the podcasts useful. I’m having some problems with pages on archive.org sometimes working and sometimes not, so that is probably what you experienced with 1.4. Try again now (I see it’s working, although slowly, right now).

    As to the music in the first few episodes, that was the first piece on Peter Gabriel’s _Passion_ (the soundtrack to Last Temptation of Christ). I’ve now moved over to something more defensible in terms of copyright use (the Gabriel piece was definitely more appropriate as background to the podcast, I admit). That whole album by Gabriel is excellent and incorporates all kinds of middle eastern sounds.


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