Podcast 1.9: Paul and the situation at Rome

This episode looks at the situation at Rome in the mid-first century that led Paul to write the letter to the Romans, now in the New Testament. I delve into the purposes in Paul writing and his focus on what he sees as ethnic divisions between Greeks and Judeans in the groups of Jesus-followers. This episode is part of series one (“Paul and his Communities”) of the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean podcast.

Podcast 1.8: Paul and the situation at Rome (mp3; archive.org page with various downloading options here).

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2 thoughts on “Podcast 1.9: Paul and the situation at Rome

  1. Michael Zarb

    Dear Phil, is the text of these podcasts available somewhere? I am very much hearing impaired, practically deaf, so I am unable to enjoy them. I like your writing.

  2. Phil

    Hello Michael,

    I’m sorry that you’re not able to make use of the podcasts. I will think about this and see if there is a way. However, I do have many other things on the go (teaching and research, for example), including taking the time to edit my lectures for the podcast, and so have limited time. There is no script for the lectures. However, lecture outlines that at least provide you with an overview of topics covered are available on my “courses” page, then click on “Discussion notes” under “Founders of Christianity”.


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