Podcast 1.12: Legacies of Paul – Women’s leadership, part 2

This concludes the discussion of the Acts of Paul and Thecla in relation to the Pastoral epistles, addressing the ways in which Paul was used within debates about women’s leadership in second century groups of Jesus-followers. This is the final episode in series 1 (“Paul and his Communities”). Series 2 (beginning in March) will take an historical and literary look at “Early Christian Portraits of Jesus”, including the gospels.

Podcast 1.12: Legacies of Paul – Women and leadership, part 2 (mp3; archive.org page with various downloading options here). approx 32 minutes

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4 thoughts on “Podcast 1.12: Legacies of Paul – Women’s leadership, part 2

  1. Michael

    Have just finished listening to this series on Paul – and wanted to let you know I enjoyed it thoroughly!


  2. Michael

    Found your blog & podcast through “anne is a man”-reviewer of history-podcasts by the way. I forgot he really wants me to mention that ;-)

  3. Michael

    Hi Phil,

    He’ll love that :-)
    I’ve just posted a reply there on his early christianity-review (it’s a bit in the past there – I’m a slow listener.)

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