Podcast 3.7: Jewish Followers of Jesus, part 1 – Ebionites

Beginning with James the brother of Jesus and the Jerusalem church, here I trace evidence for Judean followers of Jesus and discuss their gradual marginalization. In particular, I focus attention on Jewish-Christian groups that the patristic sources (e.g. Irenaeus, Epiphanius) label “the Ebionites”, or “poor ones”. This is part of series 3 (“Diversity in Early Christianity: ‘Heresies’ and Struggles”) of the Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean podcast.

Podcast 3.7: Jewish Followers of Jesus, part 1 – Ebionites (mp3; archive.org page with various downloading options here).

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One thought on “Podcast 3.7: Jewish Followers of Jesus, part 1 – Ebionites

  1. Richard Fellows


    am I right in thinking that Gal 2:12 provides the only evidence that James was any stricter on Law observance than other early believers in Jesus? If the men “from James” in Gal 2:12 are to be equated with the men from Judea of Acts 15:1 they preached circumcision but without the approval of James (see Acts 15:24). Would this dissolve our only piece of evidence that James was strict?

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