Honouring the Gods in the Roman Empire – new podcast series

I have been busy creating a new podcast series, titled Honouring the Gods in the Roman Empire.  This series is somewhat different in style.  Usually I am adapting and editing my recorded lectures (that are performed from point form notes).  Instead, this series involves me sitting down at the computer and microphone for a half-hour or so after I meet with my graduate class on Honouring the Gods in the Ancient Mediterranean (course outline, discussion notes).  I then spontaneously discuss some important issues and sources regarding the topic of the week.  This series is already partially available on my podcast archive.org page (but will be officially released in the podcast feed next Fall, before I release the historical Jesus series, which is also available on archive.org now).

Here are the episodes I have created so far, which you will find on my podcast archive.org page, where you can click on browse episodes starting with recent additions:

Podcast 4.1: Introduction to Honouring the Gods
Podcast 4.2: A City and Its Patron Deity – Artemis of Ephesus
Podcast 4.3: Salvation from the Gods – Asklepios at Pergamum
Podcast 4.4: Messages from the Gods – Apollo at Claros and Didyma
Podcast 4.5: Justice from the Gods in Lydia
Podcast 4.6: Honouring the Emperors as Gods

Please let me know what you think of this experiment (I notice about 25 people had already found and listened to several episodes before I mentioned its existence).

One thought on “Honouring the Gods in the Roman Empire – new podcast series

  1. Mike Koke

    I find these podcasts to be very informative. I am doing an MA at UofA and I am trying to build on Denise Buell’s claim that the early Christians used ethnic reasoning to define themselves, especially in contrast to the Judaeans. So this series is especially helpful to my own studies so thanks for all these podcasts.

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