I won the Norman E. Wagner Award!

I was recently attending the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies (my favourite academic society) in Montreal. I was very happy to win the CSBS’s Norman E. Wagner award for the innovative use of technology relating to biblical scholarship (you can read more about the award here).  This was awarded for my work here on my websites, including my podcast.

P.S. The award money disappeared quite quickly (that’s what happens when you say “Beer’s on me!” as your official acceptance speech).

5 thoughts on “I won the Norman E. Wagner Award!

  1. Will

    I love your podcasts and am glad you have been recognized. What a great thing your podcast is: I have been using my driving hours for work as a return to college– and something like your podcast which is more specific and advanced, closer to the level of detail I would get from a book, makes my drive a pleasure instead of a chore. Thanks.

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