Now available for download: Associations, Synagogues and Congregations (2013 edition)

ASCCoverThe new, thoroughly revised edition of my book Associations, Synagogues and Congregations (2013) is now available for download.  On the companion site, you can read part one of the work for free online or download the entire book for a pay-what-you-will price ($0-15).  Simultaneously, I have refurbished and updated my websites for a better look.

The main advantage of this edition is that each of the inscriptions and sources mentioned is keyed to the new Associations in the Greco-Roman World sourcebook and there are direct, clickable links in the pdf of the book to the corresponding inscription on the AGRW companion website. You simply click on an inscription number (e.g. IEph 1503) and are brought to the description, Greek text, and a translation. There are also many, many new illustrations and figures (many in color).