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Unexpected rock instruments: Sitar

Posted by pharland on January 12th, 2008 filed in 1960s, Beatles, Harrison, George, Phillips, Shawn, Progressive Rock, Rock instruments

When one thinks of traditional rock and roll, one generally pictures a band of four and the instruments are usually the drums, bass, guitar, and vocal, as well as some keyboards. (You can also throw in a harmonica and tambourine, if you like). As rock developed into the 1960s, however, a variety of other unexpected [...]

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Phil Spector’s “wall of sound”: Isn’t it a pity?

Posted by pharland on August 27th, 2007 filed in 1970s, Beatles, Harrison, George

Listen while you read: Beware of darkness (Spectorized) (audio snippet) Phil Spector’s influence on rock n’ roll cannot be underestimated. His production of several Beatles albums ensured this. Spector‘s style of production (by the mid-late 1960s) with heavy reverberation and very full orchestral arrangements mixed with the original performances and overdubs has sometimes been known [...]

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