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Excellent Shawn Phillips concert in Toronto

Posted by pharland on April 4th, 2008 filed in Concert reviews, Phillips, Shawn

A while back I blogged on what I considered a forgotten album, which I had found in a bargain bin at the local record store (also see my post on his use of the sitar). I had never heard of Shawn Phillips, despite the fact that his Second Contribution (1969) was certified platinum. Sure I [...]

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Unexpected rock instruments: Sitar

Posted by pharland on January 12th, 2008 filed in 1960s, Beatles, Harrison, George, Phillips, Shawn, Progressive Rock, Rock instruments

When one thinks of traditional rock and roll, one generally pictures a band of four and the instruments are usually the drums, bass, guitar, and vocal, as well as some keyboards. (You can also throw in a harmonica and tambourine, if you like). As rock developed into the 1960s, however, a variety of other unexpected [...]

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Forgotten albums: Shawn Phillip’s Second Contribution (1970)

Posted by pharland on September 6th, 2007 filed in 1970s, Folk Rock, Forgotten albums, Phillips, Shawn, Progressive Rock

Listen while you read: “She was waiting . . . ” (audio snippet) I was browsing through the overload bins at the local record store and came across an intriguing cover with a lone, long-haired guitarist amidst a sea of dried mud. This image caught my attention and I began to wonder whether it was [...]

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