On this web-page you can tour Greek and Roman collections of several archeological museums (especially those in Turkey).  To tour a particular museum, simply click on the corresponding photos to the right.  A new window will open for the tour.  You will see photos of gods, emperors, and other statues, reliefs, and monuments.  The iconography (picture-language) of these pieces communicates important insights about the social lives and religious mentalities of men and women in the ancient world.  This also sheds light on the cultural context of early Christianity and diaspora Judean culture in the cities of the Roman empire.  Judeans (Jews) and Christians, like their neighbours, would encounter many images such as these as they walked the city streets in ancient times.

This is a not-for-profit, educational site with no direct relation to the museums in question.  It is hoped, however, that these partial photographic tours may inspire actual visits to the museums to experience the full collections.  All photographs were taken with permission from museum staff, whom I would like to thank.  The photographs are copyright Philip A. Harland, 2004.