Scholarly articles on ethnic relations and migration

Citation with stable link: Philip A. Harland, 'Scholarly articles on ethnic relations and migration,' Ethnic Relations and Migration in the Ancient World, last modified July 4, 2023,

Ethnography and Gender:

  • Maia Kotrosits, “The Ethnography of Gender: Reconsidering Gender as an Object of Study,” Studies in Late Antiquity 7 (2023): 5–28 (local pdf; Journal page).

Diasporas and migration:

  • “Other Diasporas [Syrians and Phoenicians]: Immigrants, Ethnic Identities, and Acculturation” (2009) (link)
  • “Pontic Diasporas in the Classical and Hellenistic Eras” (2020) (link)
  • “Interaction and Integration: Judean Families and Guilds at Hierapolis” (2009) (link)
  • Honours by Judeans for Tation Daughter of Straton” (2014) (link)
  • “Honours by a Synagogue for Julia Severa and Others” (2014) (link)
  • Dedication to Roma by Roman Businessmen” (2014) (link)

Ethnic diversity and oral legends in Egypt:

  • “‘Syrians call you Astarte . . . Lycian peoples call you Leto’: Ethnic Relations and Circulating Legends in the Villages of Egypt” (2021) (link)

Non-dominant (“barbarian”) perspectives:

  • “‘Subject Peoples and Civilizational Priority: Competition among Babylonians, Egyptians, and Judeans in the Hellenistic Era” (2023, preprint) (link)

Barbarian wisdom:

  • “Journeys in Pursuit of Divine Wisdom: Thessalos and Other Seekers” (2011) (link)

Ethnic hierarchies and stereotypes

  • “‘The most ignorant peoples of all’: Ancient Ethnic Hierarchies and Pontic Peoples” (2021) (link)
  • “Climbing the Ethnic Ladder: Ethnic Hierarchies and Judean Responses” (2019) (link)
  • “Perceptions of Cultural Minorities: Anti-Associations and their Banquets” (2009) (link)

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