Guide to Appian of Alexandria (mid-second century CE)

Citation with stable link: Philip A. Harland, 'Guide to Appian of Alexandria (mid-second century CE),' Ethnic Relations and Migration in the Ancient World, last modified May 17, 2024,

This post is aimed at providing a guide for reading sequentially through ethnographic passages in Appian of Alexandria’s mid-second century work:

  • Celts – 4.1-18 (link)
    • Germans – 4.1 (link)
  • Iberians – 6.1.1-3 (link)
  • Lusitanians and Viriathus in resistance – 6.56-75 (link)
  • Carthaginians – 8.1.1-2 (link)
    • Phoenician diasporas – 8.1-2 in a different context along with Trogus’ account (link)
  • Illyrians – 10.1.1-6 (link)

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