Travel and Religion in Antiquity (book)

Philip A. Harland, ed., Travel and Religion in Antiquity. Studies in Christianity and Judaism, vol. 21.  Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2011.

“Harland has assembled a rich, lucid, and thought-provoking book of essays… Travel and Religion in Antiquity is more than an essential resource for graduate and good undergraduate libraries.”  David Frankfurter, Boston University, on H-Judaic.


1. Pausing at the Intersection of Religion and Travel (Philip A. Harland — PDF available)

Honouring the Gods

2. Religion on the Road in Ancient Greece and Rome (Steven Muir)
3. Going Up to Jerusalem: Pilgrimage and the Historical Jesus (Susan Haber)
4. Pilgrimage, Place, and Meaning-Making by Jews in Greco-Roman Egypt (Wayne O. McCready)
5. Have Horn, Will Travel: The Journeys of Mesopotamian Deities (Karljürgen G. Feuerherm)

Promoting a Deity or Way of Life

6. The Divine Wanderer: Travel and Divinization in Late Antiquity (Ian W. Scott — PDF available)
7. Journeys in Pursuit of Divine Wisdom: Stories of Thessalos and Other Seekers (Philip A. Harland — PDF available)
8 “Danger in the Wilderness, Danger at Sea”: Paul and Perils of Travel (Ryan Schellenberg)

Encountering Foreign Cultures

9. Roman Translation: Tacitus and Ethnographic Interpretation (James Rives — PDF available)


10. Migration and the Emergence of Greco-Roman Diaspora Judaism (Jack N. Lightstone)

Making a Living

11. Religion and the Nomadic Lifestyle: The Nabateans (Michele Murray — PDF available)

12. Christians on the Move in Late Antique Oxyrhynchus (Lincoln Blumell — PDF available)

Works Cited (PDF available)

Bibliographies Online

Travel and Religion in Antiquity: A Preliminary Classified Bibliography.” (Prepared by Angela Brkich, Sacha Mathew, Daniel Bernard, and Philip Harland — June 10, 2005 edition)

Includes sections on:

  1. Realities of Travel in the Ancient Mediterranean (including general works and works on dangers of travel)
  2. Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean and Travel (including pilgrimage, itinerant religious practitioners, diffusion of religions)
  3. Ancient Ethnography, Geography, and Travelogues
  4. Immigrants and Occupational Travelers (including Nomads)
  5. Judaism, the Near East, and Travel
  6. Early Christianity and Travel (including Jesus and the Gospels, Paul and Acts, other early Christian literature, geography of heresies)
  7. Interdisciplinary and Cross-Cultural Methods and Theory (including geography of religion and the cultural history of travel)